Celebrating 25 Years Premium Upgrades

Offer valid from 1 Dec, 2022 (based on initial deposit taken after this date). The Firstyle Homes ‘Celebrating 25 Years Premium Upgrades’ is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, inclusion pack or home and land package unless otherwise stated. Speak to our friendly Sales Consultants in any of our display homes or call 1300 firstyle.

*Total value up to $51,6500 RRP is based on additional upgrades.

DISCLAIMER: “25 Year Premium Upgrades” is only available to selected home designs listed on the current Firstyle Homes Price List. This offer is subject to the client entering into a Building agreement within the specified period stated in their Firstyle Homes Quotation. Offer applies to single dwelling contract homes (and selected Homes & Land Packages. Images & items shown are indicative only and are not redeemable for cash or other alternative items. All images & items shown are subject to amendment without notice at the discretion of the builder. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and is only available to clients requesting a written quotation from 1st December 2022.

Photographs & images are representative only to finishes available and may not reflect the true finish. Standard designs & photographs may also depict fixtures, finishes & features not supplied by Firstyle Homes such as, but not limited to, floor coverings, driveways, fencing, landscaping & outdoor features, furnishing, decorative items and window furnishings. Firstyle Homes reserves the right to revise specifications, inclusions, materials and suppliers without notice. Firstyle Homes reserves the right to end or amend all or any elements of the ‘25 Year Premium Upgrades’ and ‘The Firstyle Advantage’. Firstyle Homes Pty Ltd. ABN 59 087 773 779 B.L.113412C

Firstyle Homes Pty Ltd. ABN 59 087 773 779 B.L.113412C


  1. Contract Home includes 9 months tender plus option to extend tender for a total of 15 months. Based on additional payment of $1000.00 per month (single storey) and $1250.000 per month (double storey).
  2. Home and land packages have a minimum of 9 months tender expiry. Contract tender will hold your price until commencement of construction.
  3. Optional home and land package extension for tender time will be $1000.00 per month (single storey) and $1250.000 per month (double storey) for a maximum of 6 months. Please see your sales consultant for details and tender expiry times.
  4. Firstyle Homes Pty Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or end this offer without notice.
  5. Detached dwellings only.
  6. Select packages only.
  7. Subject to tender and contract being signed within 14 days of presentation and in line with Firstyle procedure of purchase.
  8. Not valid with any other offers unless approved by Firstyle Homes Pty Ltd in writing.
  9. Deposit must be made by 1st December 2022 based on the current price list. Price Freeze must be in line with tender expiry and the date in the contract tender.
  10. This offer is NOT redeemable for cash.
  11. Base price of the home at final tender expiry will be applied subject to the terms and conditions of your contract.

25 YEAR STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE - Terms and Conditions

We are so confident in our Structural Advantage, industry leading workmanship and integrity of materials that we are now offering a 25 Year Structural Guarantee on all new homes. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your home will be protected for 25 Years with our Structural Guarantee.

*Firstyle Homes 25yr Structural Guarantee is given to the original owner named within the building contract signed after 30th May 2021 and is not transferrable to future owners of the home. This Guarantee is your additional assurance which is over and above any statutory warranty insurance applicable for your home and begins at Practical Completion.

This 25yr Structural Guarantee will cover your home from structural failure and covers items such as foundations, structural timber, wall frames & the roof framing as listed in section f) – Limitations but excludes the following:

a) Structural Failure due to neglect, misuse or damage by others

Improper maintenance, neglect or misuse resulting in structural failure is not covered under this 25yr Structural Guarantee (this includes excavations that affect foundations and/or repairs by unqualified/unlicenced tradespeople. Failure to maintain your home in a proper manner including plumbing, drains, pipes, pits, appliances, electrical wiring and fittings or fixtures in your home will not be covered by this 25yr Guarantee. – Please refer to the NSW footing Guide such as CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A Homeowners guideomHom on how to care for your new home after settlement and Firstyle Homes handover pack.

b) Defects caused by environmental factors.

Defects and/ or damage caused by environmental factors, natural disasters or act of God, including but not limited to Storm, flood, bushfire, fire, earthquake, wind and land slip are not covered under this 25 yr Structural Guarantee.

c) Structural Failure due to poor drainage & natural causes.

Defects and/or damage including but not limited to footings, slab, brickwork and roof due to abnormal site conditions such as poorly designed landscaping, tree roots, plant growth and incorrect surface water runoff will not be covered under this 25 Year Structural Guarantee. Please refer to the NSW CSIRO Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance for more information on how to prevent structural damage or defects.

d) Defects due to any modifications.

The 25 Year Structural Guarantee will become void if modifications are carried out including any additions, extensions or renovations to your Firstyle Home after settlement.

e) Termite Inspection.

Termite protection is installed into your home during construction in compliance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS 3660.1.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your home is inspected for termites each year. This Guarantee does not cover any damage or defects caused by Termites if you do not have a licensed termite inspector, inspect your home and treat if needed on a yearly basis. Please refer to Termite inspection warranty documents in your Firstyle Homes handover pack for more information.


Firstyle Homes will rectify at our cost the structural failure of any of the following:

  • Foundations systems installed by Firstyle Homes, where the structural failure is defined as Damage Category 3 or higher, pursuant to Australian Standard AS2870 Appendix B.
  • Structural timbers and steel in roof and wall framing installed by Firstyle Homes, with a structural failure, as defined in Australian Standards AS1684 and referenced in the Building Code of Australia.
  • Damage to brickwork as a result from structural failure, as defined in all relevant Australian Standards including AS 4773 and referenced in the Building Code of Australia.

It is your (owners) responsibility to maintain your own home in accordance with documents provided as part of your Building Contract, Handover pack, Engineers documents and the NSW CSIRO Guide – Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: a Homeowners Guide.

Information correct as at 24/03/2021