To the Staff & Management at Firstyle Homes Pty Ltd

Dear All,

I would like to pen a few words of appreciation for the fantastic work, service and customer service displayed to me during my entire process of building with them at Spring Farm, NSW.

The project kicked off with a very informative & helpful display home consultant, Mr. Warren Brown, who explained every minor detail in layman terms & outlined my jobs beautifully. I was so impressed with his work; upon completion I visited him again with a small token of appreciation.

Once the land was registered and plans approved, late in 2014, work commenced and I was updated on the progress regularly along with diligent site welcome trips to view the progress. This was done with the fantastic Office staff comprising Karen & Nicole, who helped me with colour selection & the like.

Next came the actual construction which involved the site Supervisor “ Rocco the Legend”.

Rocco is a very experienced, multi- tasking, hands on guy, with an excellent sense of humour keeps us all in good spirits even if the weather dampened a few things. All the stages rolled out smoothly and my final paper dream was taking shape before my very eyes. It was amazing. Rocco ran thru all the processes and set ups of the various facilities and utilities that required connection as well as the various bits of the latest state of the art modern day houses that Firstyle associates itself with.

I was very impressed and taken aback by efficiency and co-ordination of the whole process and once the shell was complete the interiors took shape very quickly, leaving me in awe of the final product.

I would like to once again thank the entire staff & team at Firstyle for a wonderful experience & if I had the cash would do it all over again with them.

Best Regards,

(A very satisfied house owner!)